The art of dining


Let's not call it a mess, I would rather call it beauty.

Sharing food and sharing thoughts at a dining table is valuable to  a lot of people.

Within this project I am creating an appealing picture that shows the evidence of this quality time.


You can find more information about this project



Exchange at Konstfack Stockholm


The first semester of study year 2016-2017 I spend my time in the beautiful city Stockholm.


A great and very fruitful 4 months. My projects at Konstfack are here to find:


I will continue my last project that I started at Konstfack. More information about this project you can find


Next to studying it was really nice to meet people with different backgrounds and cultures. To remember them and remember my time there I made this personal project:


Project #1

& Presentation


The Recipe Sharing Project

All for sale, sale for all


I like to share my work with as much people as appreciated. Are you interested in buying work? Or in custom made services?

Let me know and we can see what we can do for each other.


Contact me by anne (at)