Things on a Table Different objects were laying on the table, the interpretation for the drawings was free. Project #1 Week 36-39 Konstfack, Stockholm 2016
Based on the objects on the table these drawings are made. An abstract extraction.
The 3D model photoseries is a follow up from the abstract drawings.
Meeting a stranger How to meet a stranger in a city you don't know? When is somebody a stranger and who is somebody? Search and findings in a process of meeting a stranger.
The Stockholm Night Knitters. I met a group of people that gather to knit, during my "Meet a stranger" process. They meet once in two weeks, knit, talk and learn from each other.
The Project: The act/art of knitting I felt very inspired by the group of knitters. They are not producing because they want something to have. They produce because they want to knit. What is the meaning of this in nowadays society? I made a knit without thinking of what it would look like and without thinking of beauty. The act of knitting as the art.